Thank you for showing interest in Project KONI. Our project relies on your help to spread the message and tell people about our site! We hope that our website answered all your questions and we would be grateful for a short feedback. This way we can make improvements to better meet your needs.

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Spring-cleaning at Project KONI

The hard work has finally paid off, Project KONI’s new look has been finalised in spring 2010! We added new content to the site and a forum and chatroom are being built at the moment. Gradually we will implement new features, such as interactive games. We hope that you continue to enjoy using our website.

Why does Project KONI exist? What is KONI?

The recent years brought about a wide range of information sources for children with cancer. But there seemed to be a gap in age-appropriate education, especially for children and young adults between the ages of eight and fourteen. The children oncology information site, Project KONI aims at closing this gap. Originally the concept was solely directed at children and young adults, but soon it became obvious that family members like parents and relatives were also using Project KONI as a means to explain and illustrate the illness.

Our main goal is to give children and young adults the opportunity to access complex topics, which is achieved by using a well structured design and language which is appropriate to their age group.

The website’s content and design has deliberatly been chosen to create a pool of information that is accessible for patients but also for indirectly involved individuals.

The need for such a project and its usefulness was proven by an evaluation which was carried out in Münster in 2006. The project is under constant development in order to meet the target group’s needs.

How is the website set up?

Visitors to the Project KONI website are greeted by the project’s mascot Justus, who acts as a guide through the different subject areas.


To those interested, the website offers a great range of information on various topics: the human body, the development of the illness, examinations, hospital stays, as well as life after the illness.

In accordance with our aim to create an information site that covers a wide range of topics, we also included subjects like school, family and diet. Furthermore, the website deals with complex topics like death, grief and pain therapy in a child friendly way without creating fear or worry.

Each topic is covered using text appropriate for the target group’s age, with added photos and pictures.

We will shortly update the website by adding interactive elements as well as many more innovations to meet the expectations of our target group. This way we would like to implement the feedback we gratefully receive from visitors to the website and make “Project KONI” even more lively and interesting.